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The Sticker – Your Friendly Eye-catcher

The Sticker – Your Friendly Eye-catcher

People use stickers to give a quick impression, or to provide an instantaneous meaning about the products they wish to market, sell, or even express. It can also be used to briefly explain a product in a precise, colorful and impressive manner. Stickers are your friendly advertising agent for use as product labels, outdoor advertising, car bumpers, or window advertising. The effectiveness, of course, depends on the colours, shapes, designs, and the ability of the designer in conveying your message.

Designing stickers is itself both an art and a science. The designs have to be eye catchy and the colours and design have to convey the intention of the vendor at one glance. The designer, after perceiving the idea the vendor wishes to convey, must take time to reflect before sitting down to put his design on paper. Stickers that convey emotions and reactions are the best.

Stickers usually come in various sizes and colours and have a ‘pressure sensitive’ and an adhesive back, as well as an impressive print on the face. They can either have a flat, smooth surface, or a padded surface depending on what is needed to convey the meaning of the product more effectively.

Generally, vinyl takes a prominent place in the making of stickers. One can use different textures and colours such as, white vinyl gloss, white matt vinyl, old vinyl, silver vinyl and clear vinyl. They can also be magnetic or permanent and are incredibly purposeful.

Here is a short list of the many usages of stickers:

* Vehicle registration and insurance renewal identification.

* Service details of cars, often seen pasted at the inside of the windscreen.

* Ideas or political views.

* Details of the vehicle owners, usually on the vehicle bumpers.

* Signboards.

* Fruits. Fruit importers use stickers to label each type of fruit, especially if there are many varieties. You’ll find them on apples, lemons and oranges.

* Games, book covers, dolls’ dress designs and various other ways to entertain kids.

* Scrap booking. Stickers are a creative way to convey various ideas such as family stories or short stories created by kids.

* Business advertising and slogans.

* Makes of cars. These are sometimes shown in large lettering and pasted on Pickups, Vans and Jeeps.

* There are also digital stickers, which is a newer concept and is becoming increasingly popular.

In today’s busy world people prefer to spend the minimum amount of time in perceiving information, therefore, stickers can play a vital role in the instantaneous marketing of products and services. They can be ordered online, or by visiting your local sticker shop.

The sticker industry is a bubbling and competitive business the world over, although, more so in developed countries. Every day, there are new sticker makers entering the market and coming up with more and more ideas to suit the differing and various needs of the consumer.