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Organise Your Life with Labels

Labels are the perfect accompaniment to bringing a superior level of organisation to one’s home and family life; to a garage or workshop; a home office or business premises. More specifically, there is a significant reduction in stress when labels are used to organise objects, items, and files in high-traffic areas, such as a school office or sick bay, or where items are needed quickly in emergency situations, like a doctor’s rooms or nurse’s station.

According to actual statistics taken from research completed by a gadget company, the average person spends two and a half days looking for misplaced items! Okay, that doesn’t seem an exorbitant amount, but imagine what you could’ve done with that time. I know in our household, we spend way too much time looking for remotes, car keys, parkas, school jumpers, water bottles, screwdrivers and picture hooks! Imagine how much we could’ve achieved, if only we’d labelled a few things to help organise our life.

On the flip side, we consistently use a vinyl, rectangle label to label our child’s only school jacket, and it has always been returned to the correct classroom within a few days of going missing. This has happened without fail on several occasions over the past few years. In fact, I would go as far as saying that the strength and durability of the $2 label has probably saved us hundreds of dollars on purchasing a new jacket every term.

Okay, so at least were on to a good thing with that. So, how can you change your life and save money while you’re at it? Think about what needs labelling in your life. There really are endless uses for labels: from labelling the nuts, bolts, screws, and tools in the shed; to listing items packed inside storage cartons; to labelling containers in the pantry, fridge or media cupboard.

Children’s drink bottles, lunchboxes, hats, school bags, clothing are all essential items that require labelling, but what about labelling specific areas of their drawers, cabinets, or dresser, so they learn how to put things away by knowing exactly where items are meant to go – this would be an empowering moment for both parent and child. Further, labels are great to add detailing to certificates, medals, or your work calendar. Why not reward yourself with a gold label when you’ve achieved a target or goal?

Custom Stickers Australia

Labels come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. You can print paper labels, vinyl labels, transparent vinyl labels, high sheen labels on shiny gold, silver, or rose-gold backing. They can be printed in standard shapes: oval, square, circle, rectangle, and they come in an easy peel and use roll of up to 250 labels.

Boing Boing Stickers are label and sticker experts and want to meet your labelling requirements. They even provide 24/7 online chat support, just in case you’re feeling stressed because you’ve misplaced your Aunty’s antique watch, which you packed in one of those boxes in the right storage section at the back of the garage. Or, was it the left?