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How to Craft Product Labels that Attract Sales

Product labels are key to ensuring your products make the kind of impact you’re hoping for, which in most cases is sales! First of all, if you’ve spent valuable time, effort, and energy pouring your passion into a beautifully tasting product, it is easy to overlook the essential items like packaging and labelling.

On the surface these aspects seem inconsequential. After all – you know how delicious your jam is – all the footy or home-school mums have told you that for years! In fact, they’re the reason you’re now wanting to sell your product commercially, and they never once cared about the label. They just wanted the jam. 

This is all well and good, and we all believe your jam is delicious, however, the stall next door also sells jam, and the farm down the road – well it’s been said their jam reminds ‘you’ of childhood – making daisy chains, playing tiggie, and picking berries and eating most of them! 

What is the wild truth?

The wild truth is that the average consumer, who doesn’t know you or your jam, will be comparing your product to all the others on the market – all the while assessing it upon a first impression and ‘what’s in it for me’ basis. Not to mention, the underlying aspect of familiarity and, or laziness! Why should someone bother trying a new jam when the one they’ve been eating since they were young still makes their tongue tingle – in a good way, not the anaphylactic kind. 

With all of these aspects to consider, it is absolutely essential that you, the jam-maker, spends as much time, if not more, on making informed, valuable and fresh decisions about how to label your jam jar. You want to ensure you are giving your precious jam the best opportunity to be plucked from the shelf.

Your products want to work just as hard as you do!  

Five Key Questions

Here are some key questions to ask when working out how to label your products so they stand out from the crowd.  

  1. Does your product label reflect your company’s vision or values statement? If it doesn’t, what can you add or take away to ensure it will reflect this? You want to show a sense of genuineness, authenticity, depth, and quality.
  2. Is your product label easy to see from a distance? Will the colours attract your consumers? Are the colours of the background, borders, text magnetizing? Do they draw your target customers to the product?
  3. Is your product label easy to read? Is the font and text clear? Or, is there too much information on the label? Is it cluttered? 
  4. Does the artwork reflect the type of product you’re selling? Does the label, overall, position the product amongst similar products in the market? Or is the label vastly different and too far from the familiar structure?
  5. Have you chosen the correct quality of paper, self-adhesion, vinyl or sticker material for your product label? This decision will impact the quality of the sticker. You want to ensure your product label withstands the packaging journey, along with being the right label for the product. Food labels may need to meet compliancy standards, whereas labels for candles need to withstand high temperatures. 

There you go. Hopefully these beginning questions will give you insight and inspiration around how to craft your product labels to suit your potential consumers, marketplace, and reflect your company’s values and vision. 

If you need help, the customer service representatives at boingboing will be happy to assist. You can use boingboing’s custom design program or work with a designer. Either way, you will end up with quality product labels to sell your products and invite buyers to try something new! 

Kyla-Jayne Rajah of Elevate Words writes and edits content for conscientious business owners, authors, professionals, and anyone really who requires an excellent writer and editor.