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Candle Stickers

candle stickers

Candle stickers provide nearly as much delight as the actual candle itself when a beautifully designed sticker is attached to the candle’s container or wrapping.

While the candle offers light and sometimes a delicious scent, the sticker often provides the aesthetic pleasure which draws in the buyer. As a candle is a thing of beauty pleasing to the senses, they are a popular gift, and have been used especially as wedding guest favours, or thank-you gifts to clients.

Candle stickers can also be used for many other items, including, soaps, lip balm, body wash products, baby products, shampoos. They are printed on high-quality, heatproof vinyl using advanced printing technology and scratch resistant inks, thus ensuring your candle stickers remain forever beautiful and long-lasting.

The design process is as follows:

If you need assistance with designing your sticker, let us know as we provide a free artwork service.

We take minimum orders of 250 stickers with a 1-2 days turnaround, or 3-5 days depending on the quantity required after design approval and payment.