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Custom label printing and sticker printing


Bumper Stickers printing

Bumper stickers are long lasting and never gets old. Which is the main reason why most marketers still make use of it as a method of marketing their products.  Bumper stickers   makes a short and catchy expression with the company’s website address or contact information to become an instant ad on wheels. Something about Bumper stickers is that it does not even have to be that promotional, sometimes they are just for used for fun.

Bumper stickers can be up to 3-5 years and it will still be functional. So what are waiting for, get all your bumper stickers from  We have durable, weather-resistant vinyl stock collections of bumper stickers. We have bumper stickers available in various sizes, checks our collections of more than 5,000 copies of Bumper stickers.

Paper stickers printing

Paper stickers are made of thin sheets of paper. They are made of thin low profile materials. They add an excellent and exceptional finish quality to packaged boxes and other products. It can be of gloss or matte paper finish and it requires no lamination. Paper stickers are more suitable to be used indoors and its duration is about 1 -2 years or short term use. Get all your paper stickers from  We have Paper stickers available in various sizes, checks our collections of Paper stickers.

Clear stickers printing

Looking for a sticker that is transparent for your packages or products? Then we have Clear Stickers that are perfect for your needs. We print labels with clear background which can be used on any surface. They are made of clear BOPP stock which is water-resistant, tear-proof and long lasting for about 3-5 years. Clear Stickers are suitable for your products, gifts, special events or can be used just for fun. You can order from our collections from 250 to 100,000 clear stickers. Order for any design of Clear Sticker of your choice at We are the best and the cheapest option you’ve got.

Window Stickers printing

With our fantastic and awesome collection of peel and stick window stickers on your glass surfaces, you can have fun while dressing up. Transform your windows in another dimension with designs ranging from stunning murals designs to colorful floral designs. Our window stickers are removable and reusable, easy to install and long lasting for about 3-5 years.  Our widow stickers will bring the perfect touch of style to the glazing of windows without damaging the surface or leaving a sticky trace.

Silver Vinyl & Gold Vinyl Stickers printing

Our silver vinyl stickers and gold vinyl stickers are cute, seriously slick and it is affordable. Their deluxe appearance expresses a classy and luxurious feel and will make your business place to be at the vanguard of professionalism and style. Our silver vinyl stickers and gold vinyl stickers are very thin shiny vinyl stock, and they are commonly used for labeling and gift-wrapping. Our silver vinyl stickers and gold vinyl stickers will add an amazing attention to your branding and if there is something specific concept of silver vinyl stickers and gold vinyl stickers that you want to achieve, our team of experts at are ready to get your job done perfectly.

White Vinyl Stickers printing

Our white vinyl stickers are one of the most popular choices that most of our clients usually opt for. Our white vinyl stickers is made of polypropylene and it comes in matte finish, gloss finish. Our White vinyl stickers are water proof and mostly best used indoors 1-2 years vinyl and outdoor 3-5 years vinyl. Get all your White vinyl stickers from We have white vinyl stickers available in various sizes, checks our collections of   white vinyl stickers.

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